Amber teething necklace

Amber teething necklace

Type of jewelry: Amber teething necklaces for babies. Amber teething necklaces are special kind of necklaces because have been designed for the special issue – to eliminate the teeth growth pain and calm the baby.

What are the medical characteristics of amber? The Baltic amber has some fascinating healing features and is thought to be an anti-allergenic that helps immune system in fighting with various allergies and diseases. Necklaces help avoiding breathing system sicknesses and improve the inhalation as well.

Usage: amber teething necklaces are used for babies and children from 3 months old to 10 years old and it depends on the length of a necklace.

Beads' shape: amber teething necklaces are produced choosing of 3 shapes of beads – round, olive and chips.

The production: amber teething necklaces are handmade jewelry without using chemicals. The pieces of Baltic amber are peeled, polished till they shine and the holes are drilled using tools for wood (amber is fossil tree resin). Then beads are selected and separated by color from dark cherry to white pearl. Once request is received, the jewelers tighten the beads with a natural cord using a special way of fastening. Every bead is separated by nodes, so the necklaces become tight and safe in case of damage. The beads do not spill that easy all around therefore a child can not swallow them. Quality control: we are both producers and distributors, so that we can guaranty the finest quality jewelry.

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