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As you may already know, amber has some healing features. It is a great pain reliever for babies when first teeth are growing. It also drops the body temperature and calms the baby down. It is also good for breathing. Relaxing effects are noticed for adults as well. Amber is anti-allergen and improves the immune system. Besides the healing it is also a beautiful jewelry.

Amber teething necklaces are produced from the finest quality Baltic amber which has all the mentioned healing characteristics. The beads are polished, peeled and drilled using only natural tools for wood carving without any chemicals. We do not color the amber – it has wide range of natural colors from dark cherry to white pearl.

We are both producers and distributors, so we can guarantee the finest and highest quality necklaces for you and your children. More than 400 jewelry models should be enough to choose the best gift for you or your family. Amber teething necklaces is a great gift for everyone as it is valued all over the World.

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Mrs. Ausra Pilinkiene is owner and manager of Baby Amber Teething. Ausra works as jeweler-designer for already 12 years. She is a gifted jewelry maker and outstanding businesswoman managing an international business as Baby Amber Teething works Worldwide especially focusing on USA, UK, Australian and Canadian markets. Mrs. Pilinkiene is also responsible for wholesales and quality control as quality is the main concern of a company.

Mr. Gintautas Pilinkas is a husband of Ausra. He works as Baltic amber production engineer for 12 years. Now his main job is the technological procedures of amber necklaces management and quality control. He also manages the professional jewelers team which make all the beads and necklaces. Gintautas is also responsible for preparation of new team members and education of this ancient craft.

Ms. Sonata Pilinkaite is a daughter of Ausra and Gintautas. She studies at Vilnius Academy of Arts as jeweler-designer. Her passion is silver and gold jewelery mixed with exclusive amber pieces. Sonata creates single model jewelery as art creation. Soon we will introduce her art jewelery collection which will be available for sale.

We guarantee the quality of our products as we are the producers and check every necklace ourselves both during the production procedures and when it is done and prepared for shipment to You. 100% customer satisfaction is the best evaluation of our work and efforts. We personally work with our happy customers and wholesale in different countries therefore we can provide the best customer support service.

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